Carl Bennett


I am a computer enthusiast who is passionate about web development, managing infrastructure, and architecture of systems for scalability. I love to tweak, manage, and engineer computer software, which I feel can make a positive impact toward business goals and customer relations. I believe critical thinking and design encourages better products and services.

Contact Me

I am available over Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social platforms. If you want to reach out, I encourage you to do so using one of the previously mentioned platforms. I also am available by email, which can be found on my GitHub profile.

If you’re a hiring agent or agency, you can find my resume on my LinkedIn or request it from me via email.

I exchange PGP encrypted/signed emails with this key (A8F24410).


You can send BTC to 1XmzV7m3jCW513SwtssMBCssFNAjrfNtx or use PayPal, thank you.